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National 5625 Propane-Powered Ride-On Scraper


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National 5625 Propane-Powered Ride-On Scraper

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Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, the 5625 offers the speed and power of a hydraulic drive. Consistent torque sets the operational standard for high removal rates, and each machine undergoes a rigorous quality assurance program including emissions certification.


  • Automatic kill switch is triggered when the operator seat is vacant
  • Precise hydraulic steering for maneuvering in tight spaces, zero turn radius, and continuous torque for higher removal rates and greater productivity
  • Ergonomic design includes movable foot pegs, taller handles, and an adjustable seat and armrests that allow for optimal operator comfort and the best possible line
  • of sight
  • Quick-change swivel head blade holder
  • Optional dual-lift, hydraulic slide plate adjusts blade pitch and angle for continuous contact with the floor
  • Larger/deepened forklift pockets
  • Nonmarking tires
  • E-stop knob for safety
  • Liquid-cooled Kawasaki engine is re-engineered with National’s exclusive catalytic design for the industry’s lowest emissions
  • Hinged hood system for easy-access maintenance
  • Compact design fits through standard door frames and elevator doors
  • Front debris deflector protects machine from loose material
  • Improved exhaust system meets federal OSHA regulations
  • Front caster wheels allow increased maneuverability in tight spaces
  • NEW 12-volt LED light for increased visibility on the jobsite
Included with the 5625:
  • 7050-6: 6-inch cutting head
  • 7050-12: 12-inch cutting head
  • 6277: 12-inch .094 bevel up self-scoring blade
  • 6284: 12-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 6285: 6-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 6286: 10-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 7079-2: 2-inch angle shank with carbide tip
  • 5110-100: Transport wheels
  • 74854: Weight, 37 pounds (10) (front)
  • 5110-404: Weight, 75 pounds (1) (rear)
  • 7050-P: Propane tanks (2)
  • 75007: CO detector (2)
  • 75008: Clip (2)
  • 5700-88: Hour meter
  • 75005: Fire extinguisher
  • 402929: Wrench
  • Instruction manual
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labo
Width* 26" 66 cm
Height 52.25" 133 cm
Length* 63" 160 cm
Weight** 1,822 lb 826.4 kg
Removable Weight 370 lb front, 75 lb rear 167.8 kg front, 34 kg rear
Weight (machine only)** 1,377 lb 624.6 kg
Speed up to 200 ft/min up to 61 m/min
HP 25 18.6 kW

*Measurements are without tooling attached
**Weight may vary depending on fill level and size of propane tank on machine