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Kool Glide Pro Seaming Iron

Introducing a revolutionary non-heating carpet seaming system that's simple to use, offering faster, smarter and more profitable results. By never getting hot and never touching the adhesive, The Kool Glide Carpet Seaming System is redefining the art of carpet installation.

No smoke or odor
No heat distortions
No dripping glue
No burning - tool never gets hot
No damage to carpet
No time-consuming clean up
Superior seams
Works with all backings

And, because the Kool Glide Carpet Seaming System is reversible minutes or years after installation, repairs and patches can be done from the top of the carpet in minutes.

Sinch Technology uses a light-weight, handheld electronic tool that melts the proprietary adhesive from the top of the carpet using a pre-programmed heating cycle, controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor. Precise amounts of adhesive and tightly-controlled heating provide for a consistent low-profile seam, instantly delivering quality installation with the simple push of a button.

This tool has three heat settings. It can be adjusted for use over wood, concrete and other hard surfaces, as well as in cooler environments.

Latest seaming technology.

Exclusive to Intafloors.

Can only be used with specialty Kool Glide tape.

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