ARDEX K 15 Microtec

  • Ardurapid technology with Microfibre reinforcement
  • Feather edge to any thickness in one application
  • Formulated with high flow technology for ultra-thin applications

Information ARDEX K 15 Microtec

ARDEX K15 Microtec is extremely versatile, is suitable for a wide range of substrates and is able to receive virtually any floor covering in 16 to 18 hours.

Floor Coverings:

  • Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
  • Ceramic and quarry tiles
  • Timber – parquetry and floating


  • New, existing or rough screeded concrete
  • Rain damaged concrete which has been mechanically prepared
  • Existing quarry and ceramic tile
  • Steel decking (contact ARDEX Technical Services)
  • Timber floors (contact ARDEX Technical Services)
  • Damp or moisture vulnerable concrete when used in conjunction with an ARDEX moisture control system