Ardex K 60 ARDITEX

  • Arditex: Two-part latex liquid and cementitious powder.
  • Rapid setting, with exceptional adhesion properties for diverse substrates.
  • Enhanced flexibility, particularly suitable for timber floor installations
Liquid SDS:

Powder SDS:

Ardex K 60 ARDITEX

ARDEX K60 Arditex is your two part latex liquid and cementitious powder rapid setting smoothing and levelling compound that possesses outstanding adhesion properties, making it an ideal choice for various substrates. The K60 Arditex with its enhanced flexibility is especially suitable for installation over timber floors.


  • Internal


  • Grey


  • 13m2 at 1mm

Drying Times:

  • Walkable in 2 hours
  • Ready for tile in 4-5 hours >12mm
  • Ready for Vinyl in 24 hours >12mm


  • 20kg triple layered bag