Crain 110 Inside Cove Corner Kit

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  • Kit for scribing inside corner patterns
  • Includes a specialized cove scriber, cove template, pin vise, and detailed instructions
  • Cove scriber used to position lines on felt for the cove template
  • Cove template for scribing inside cove pattern onto the vinyl
  • Cove scriber can also be used to scribe top edge onto vinyl for cap metal fit
  • Produces a cove to 3 3/8″ standard height, adjustable for greater height if needed
  • Cove scriber and pin vise take Crain No. 129 needles
  • Net weight: 8 oz.

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Crain 110 Inside Cove Corner Kit

Transform inside corner patterns with precision using the Crain 110 Inside Cove Corner Kit, a comprehensive solution designed for professional scribing applications.

This kit includes a specialized cove scriber, a cove template, a pin vise, and detailed instructions, providing everything you need for accurate and efficient scribing tasks. The cove scriber is utilized for scribing lines on the felt to position the cove template, ensuring precise placement for flawless results.

With the cove template, you can effortlessly scribe the inside cove pattern onto vinyl, achieving seamless transitions and uniform aesthetics. Additionally, the cove scriber can be used to scribe the top edge onto the vinyl to fit the cap metal, enhancing the overall finish.

The Crain 110 Inside Cove Corner Kit is capable of producing a standard cove height of 3 3/8″, with adjustable settings for greater height as needed. Both the cove scriber and pin vise accommodate Crain No. 129 needles, ensuring compatibility and versatility for various applications.

Weighing just 8 oz, this kit combines convenience with precision, making it an essential tool for flooring professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Elevate your scribing capabilities with the Crain 110 Inside Cove Corner Kit and achieve flawless results with every project.

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