Crain 143 Adhesive Syringe

$14.50 GST excl.

  • Large 2 oz. Syringe: Ideal for repairing bubbles in glued-down flooring like carpet and vinyl.
  • Precision Needle: 2-inch, 13 gauge needle for accurate adhesive application with minimal puncture.
  • Flooring Repair: Specifically designed for glued-down flooring materials.
  • Liquid Adhesive: Compatible with liquid adhesives like latex.
  • Not for Hardwood: Not suitable for hardwood repairs with thick adhesives.

Crain 143 Adhesive Syringe

Introducing the Crain 143 Adhesive Syringe, a versatile tool designed for repairing bubbles in glued-down flooring materials with precision and ease.

This large capacity syringe features a 2 oz. capacity and a 2-inch long 13 gauge needle, allowing for efficient delivery of adhesive to problem spots while leaving minimal punctures.

Ideal for use with liquid adhesives such as latex, the Crain 143 Adhesive Syringe is perfect for repairing bubbles in carpet and vinyl flooring materials. However, it is not suitable for use on hardwood repairs with thick adhesives such as hardwood adhesive.

Whether you’re a professional flooring installer or a DIY enthusiast, the Crain 143 Adhesive Syringe offers reliable performance and precise application, making it an indispensable tool for flooring repair projects.