Crain 145 Seam Adhesive Bottle

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  • Multi-Purpose Seam Sealer Bottle: Ideal for residential and commercial carpet jobs.
  • Plastic Applicator: Features a hook-on lip for residential use.
  • Adjustable Height: Instructions for cutting off the lip and adjusting height for commercial use.
  • Extra Cap: Includes an additional cap for convenient storage.
  • Compatibility: Works with various seam sealers, including Crain Jiffytex Latex.
  • Capacity: Holds 8 oz. of sealer.
  • Net Weight: Lightweight at 1 1/4 oz for easy handling.

Seam Sealer Bottle

Crain 145 Seam Adhesive Bottle

Discover the versatile and efficient Crain 145 Seam Adhesive Bottle, designed to streamline seam sealing tasks in both residential stretch-in and commercial glue-down carpet installations.

This multi-purpose seam sealer bottle is equipped with a plastic applicator featuring a lip designed to hook onto the carpet, facilitating seamless application during residential jobs.

For commercial applications, the bottle’s instructions detail how to modify the applicator by cutting off the lip and adjusting its height using the floor as a guide, ensuring precise and efficient seam sealing.

Each bottle of the Crain 145 Seam Adhesive Bottle includes an extra cap for convenient storage and maintenance of the seam sealer. While compatible with Crain Jiffytex Latex seam sealer and other similar products, please note that this package includes the bottle only and does not contain any seam sealer.

With an ample capacity of 8 oz., the Crain 145 Seam Adhesive Bottle is ready to tackle various seam sealing tasks with ease. Net weight: 1 1/4 oz.

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Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5 cm