Crain 152B Stair Tool

$51.15 Incl GST

  • Stair Tucking Tool: Designed for tucking carpet into stair treads and between baseboard and tackless strip.
  • Wide Coverage: Four inches wide for efficient tucking with each mallet strike.
  • Angled Outer Edges: Protects walls and reaches inside corners for effective tucking.
  • Soft Cushion Grip: Absorbs vibration and provides a secure grip during use.
  • Smooth Tapered Blade: Ensures smooth tucking without snagging or cutting the carpet.
  • Net Weight: Lightweight at 1 lb for easy and efficient handling.

Stair Tucking Tool

Crain 152B Stair Tool

The Crain 152B Stair Tool is an essential accessory for carpet installation, specifically designed to facilitate efficient tucking in stair treads and tight spaces along walls.

Utilized with a mallet, this tool is ideal for tucking carpet into the corner of stair treads and between the baseboard and tackless strip. Its full four-inch width allows for maximum carpet tucking with each stroke, enhancing productivity.

The soft cushion grip of the Crain 152B Stair Tool absorbs vibration and is textured for optimal grip, ensuring comfortable and secure handling during use.

Featuring angled outer edges that are offset to protect walls, this tool enables the corner to reach into inside corners for thorough tucking without causing damage. Additionally, the smooth tapered blade is designed to prevent snagging or cutting of the carpet.

Enhance your carpet installation toolkit with the Crain 152B Stair Tool and experience improved efficiency and precision in tucking tasks. Net weight: 1 lb.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 3 cm