Crain 166 Magnetic Drive Bar

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  • Extended Reach: Long-nosed hammering tool for reaching beneath toe-spaces and low clearance areas.
  • Versatile Nail Driving: Drives tack strip nails and other nails into the subfloor with ease.
  • Magnetized Hammering Tip: Holds nails temporarily in position for convenience.
  • Forged Alloy Steel Body: Ensures durability and longevity of the tool.
  • Impact Vibration Reduction: Bonded rubber-like handle reduces impact vibration transmitted to the hand and wrist.
  • Net Weight: Weighs 5 lbs for a balanced and manageable tool.

Crain 166 Magnetic Drive Bar

Introducing the Crain 166 Magnetic Drive Bar, the perfect solution for driving tack strip nails and other nails into subfloors, even in tight and low clearance areas.

This specialized hammering tool features a long-nosed design that extends beneath toe-spaces and other confined spaces, ensuring easy access to hard-to-reach areas. The hammering tip is magnetized, allowing it to temporarily hold nails in position, providing added convenience and precision during installation.

Crafted from forged alloy steel, the Drive Bar is built to last. Its bonded rubber-like handle reduces impact vibration, minimizing strain on the hand and wrist for comfortable and efficient use.

Whether you’re a professional flooring installer or tackling a DIY project, the Drive Bar is an indispensable tool for ensuring precise and secure nail placement in any subflooring application.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Crain 166 Bar and experience unmatched versatility and durability. Net weight: 5 lbs.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 11 × 4 cm