Crain 176 Carpet Layers Miter Box

$109.50 GST excl.

  • Compact Miter Box: Essential for flooring with straight and 45° angles, saving toolbox space.
  • Durable Nickel-Plated Guides: Accurate and wear-resistant for use with a hacksaw.
  • Wood Base: Allows clean cuts through aluminum trim without dulling the blade.
  • Non-Slip Stability: Synthetic rubber pad prevents slipping and surface marking.
  • Net Weight: Lightweight at 3 lbs, an efficient addition to your toolbox.

Crain 176 Carpet Layers Miter Box

Discover the efficiency of the Crain 176 Carpet Layers Miter Box, designed to streamline flooring installations with its compact and versatile design. This miter box includes straight and 45° angles essential for flooring installers, all while saving valuable space in your toolbox. Crafted with nickel-plated steel guides that are highly accurate and case-hardened to withstand wear, even when used with a hacksaw. The wood base ensures clean cuts through aluminium trim materials without dulling the hacksaw blade, while a synthetic rubber non-slip pad on the base keeps the tool securely in place during use without leaving marks on surfaces. Weighing just 3 lbs, this miter box combines precision, durability, and convenience for your carpet laying needs.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm

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