Crain 187 Big Loop Nap Shears 7″

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  • Offset handles with oversize loops for users with large fingers.
  • Easily held parallel with the floor for trimming carpet tufts.
  • Flat duckbill design positions the top blade at the proper height by riding on top of the carpet.
  • Right side loop accommodates two fingers for ease of activation of the top blade.
  • Vinyl-coated handles for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Net weight: 6 oz.

Big Loop Nap Shears

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Crain 187 Big Loop Nap Shears 7″

Experience superior comfort and precision with the Crain 187 Big Loop Nap Shears, meticulously designed to cater to users with large fingers.

Featuring offset handles with oversized loops, these shears ensure effortless control and comfortable grip during trimming tasks. The offset handles are effortlessly held parallel to the floor, facilitating precise trimming of carpet tufts.

The flat duckbill design allows the shears to glide smoothly on top of the carpet, positioning the top blade at the ideal height for accurate trimming. The right-side loop accommodates two fingers, enhancing activation of the top blade for seamless cutting.

Enhance your trimming experience with the Crain 187 Big Loop Nap Shears, equipped with vinyl-coated handles for added ease of grip and durability. Achieve precise and effortless trimming with every use. Net weight: 6 oz.

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