Crain 188 Hinge Scriber

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  • Hinge Scriber for Sheet Vinyl Seams
  • Precision thumbwheel for offset adjustment
  • Three-arm knob for secure needle locking
  • Hinged base for easy insertion
  • Adjustable needle height
  • Offset adjustment range: 11/32″
  • Replacement needles: No. 129
  • Net weight: 4 oz

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Crain 188 Hinge Scriber

Experience precision and ease with the Crain 188 Hinge Scriber, a sheet vinyl seam scriber meticulously crafted for accuracy and user-friendly adjustments.

This versatile tool features an offset distance between the bottom guide and the needle, adjusted with a precision thumbwheel for seamless and precise scribing. Once adjusted, the three-arm knob locks the needle in position, ensuring stability and consistency in scribing.

The hinged base of the Crain 188 Hinge Scriber allows for easy insertion at the seam, particularly on thick material. Simply fold the hinge open, insert the base under the material on top, hook the guide on the edge of the material underneath, and fold the hinge back to position the needle on the top piece of material, ready for scribing.

Equipped with adjustable needle height for different thicknesses of vinyl and a range of offset adjustment of 11/32“, the Crain 188 Hinge Scriber offers versatility and precision for various applications.

With replaceable needles (No. 129) for extended durability and continued performance, this lightweight tool weighing just 4 oz is a reliable companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking accuracy and efficiency in every seam scribing task.

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Dimensions 12 × 5.5 × 3.5 cm