Crain 196 Heavy Duty Comfort Knee Pads

$87.50 GST excl.

  • Designed for floor installation
  • Provides protection for kneeling and knee kicking
  • Can stay on at all times
  • Extra thick polyurethane skin coating for increased durability
  • Polyurethane skin prevents build-up of sharp items
  • Extra wide straps to prevent pinching
  • Contour conforms to the motion of the knee
  • Made from flexible and durable neoprene material
  • Machine-washable
  • Inner knee pad is replaceable
  • Net weight: 1 lb./set

Crain 196 Heavy Duty Comfort Knee Pads

These Comfort Knees pads have an extra thick polyurethane skin coating on the kneeling surfaces for increased durability. The polyurethane skin also helps to prevent build-up of sharp items such as splinters that can scratch floors. Comfort Knees are designed for floor installation. They provide protection for both kneeling or knee kicking, and can stay on at all times. The extra wide straps won’t pinch your legs. The contour conforms to the motion of your knee. Made from flexible yet durable neoprene material, these pads are machine-washable. Inner knee pad is replaceable. Net weight: 1 lb./set.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm