Crain 337 Duster Brush

This 8″ duster brush is made with durable blended horsehair bristles that tend not to scratch on most floors. The wooden handle is also very tough and impact-resistant. Bristle area is 8″ long x 2 ½” wide. Handle length is 5″. Very good duster brush for use with a dust pan (Crain No. 666). Net weight: 12 oz.

Crain 337 Duster Brush

Introducing the Crain 337 Duster Brush, your essential tool for effective and efficient floor cleaning.

Constructed with high-quality blended horsehair bristles, this 8″ duster brush delivers superior performance while minimizing the risk of scratching on most floor surfaces.

The durable wooden handle is designed to withstand impact and provide long-lasting durability, ensuring reliable use for years to come.

Featuring a generous bristle area measuring 8″ long x 2 ½” wide, the Crain 337 Duster Brush covers more surface area with each sweep, maximizing cleaning efficiency.

With a handle length of 5″, this duster brush offers comfortable handling and precise control, making it an ideal companion for use with a dustpan (Crain No. 666) for effortless cleanup.

Weighing just 12 oz, the Crain 337 Duster Brush combines lightweight design with robust construction, making it suitable for both professional and residential cleaning applications.

Elevate your floor cleaning routine with the superior performance and durability of the Crain 337 Duster Brush.