Crain 360 Pro Stripper

$37.90 Incl GST

  • Top-quality hand stripper


  • Scraper head and blade clamp made from zinc alloy for extra durability
  • Blade clamp fastened with three case-hardened slotted head screws
  • Oversized vinyl grip with rounded knob for comfortable handling
  • Blade suitable for fine floor prep work, such as removal of adhesive residue
  • Blades are replaceable (No. 351)

Crain 360 Pro Stripper

Crain 360 Pro Stripper, a top-quality tool designed for professional-grade floor preparation.

This hand stripper features a longer 20″ handle, providing enhanced leverage and reach for two-handed operation, making it perfect for a wide range of flooring removal tasks.

The scraper head and blade clamp are crafted from durable zinc alloy, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity, even under heavy use. The blade clamp is securely fastened with three case-hardened slotted head screws, offering reliable performance with every use.

Designed for comfort and control, the tool boasts an oversized vinyl grip with a rounded knob on top, fitting comfortably in the palm for extended periods of use.

Each Crain 360 comes equipped with one No. 351 .020″ thick floor blade, ideal for fine floor preparation work such as the removal of adhesive residue. Additionally, blades are replaceable (No. 351), ensuring long-term usability and versatility.

Weighing just 1 1/3 lbs, it strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and robust construction, offering professional-grade performance with every use.

Elevate your floor preparation tasks with the Crain 360 Pro Stripper and experience unmatched efficiency and reliability for your flooring projects.