Crain 365 Row Separator

$25.00 GST excl.


  • Pointed End: Penetrates deep within tall cut pile rows.
  • Wider Conical Surface: Spreads tufts on tall cut pile carpets effectively.
  • Opposite End: Beveled and rounded for spreading loops on loop pile and Berber carpets without snagging.
  • Reduced Shearing: Effectively opens and spreads rows for reduced shearing of carpet nap by the seam cutter.
  • Solid Steel Construction: Machined from solid steel for durability.
  • Nickel Plated: Finished with nickel plating for added protection.
  • Net Weight: Weighs 2 ½ oz for easy and precise handling.

Crain 365 Row Separator

Crain 365 Row Separator. Streamline your carpet installation process with the versatile and meticulously crafted for precision and efficiency.

This double-ended tool features a pointed end tailored for cut pile carpets, with a wider conical surface behind the point. Designed to penetrate deep within tall cut pile rows, the narrow point effectively spreads tufts, ensuring seamless row separation.

On the opposite end, a beveled and rounded tip facilitates the spreading of loops on loop pile and Berber carpets, minimizing snagging and ensuring smooth operation. With this tool, you can effortlessly open and spread rows, reducing shearing of carpet nap during seam cutting.

Machined from solid steel and nickel-plated for durability, the Crain Row Separator is a reliable companion for carpet installation professionals. Enhance your workflow and achieve superior results with this essential tool. Net weight: 2 ½ oz.