Crain 366 Commercial Row Finder

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  • Ultra-Straight Spring S


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Finder: Smooth, rounded notche

    s for opening rows in difficult carpets.

  • Rounded Ends: Easily enters rows of Berber and loop pile commercial carpets without catching loops.
  • Sawing Action: Can be moved back and forth in a sawing action to open the row once found.
  • Reduced Shearing: After use, a seam cutter can follow the row with reduced shearing of yarns.
  • Textured Plastic Handle: Provides a good grip.
  • Net Weight: Weighs 1 ¼ oz for easy and precise handling.

Spring Steel Row Finder

Crain 366 Commercial Row Finder

Crain 366 Commercial Row Finder. Experience unparalleled efficiency in carpet installation and repair with the, expertly crafted from ultra-straight spring steel.

This innovative tool features smooth, rounded notches designed to effortlessly open rows, specifically tailored for challenging Berber and loop pile commercial carpets. The rounded ends ensure easy entry into carpet rows without catching loops, enhancing precision and minimizing disruptions.

Utilizing a sawing action, this row finder enables seamless row opening, allowing seam cutters to follow with reduced shearing of yarns for a flawless finish. The textured plastic handle offers a comfortable grip, ensuring optimal control and usability during carpet installation tasks.

Enhance your workflow and achieve professional results with the Crain 366 Row Finder, a must-have tool for carpet installation and repair projects. Net weight: 1 ¼ oz.

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