Crain 380 Deluxe Dividers

$98.90 GST excl.

  • Forged Steel Dividers
  • Bent leg with a sharpened point for scribing
  • Adaptable straight leg for marking with a scriber needle or ink
  • Up to a 14″ span
  • Bent leg for easier scribing along walls
  • Adaptable straight leg holds either a scriber leg with replaceable needle (No. 129) or a replaceable inking leg (No. 1380-P)
  • Two large steel thumb knobs for easy tightening
  • Net weight: 4 oz.

Crain 380 Deluxe Dividers

Introducing the Crain 380 Deluxe Dividers, precision tools designed for accurate marking and measurement in flooring and carpentry projects.

These dividers feature a forged steel bent leg with a sharpened point, along with an adaptable straight leg for versatile marking options using either a scriber needle or ink.

With a span of up to 14 inches, these dividers offer ample reach for various marking tasks, providing flexibility and convenience in your workflow.

The bent leg design allows for easier scribing along walls, ensuring precise and consistent results with every use.

Equipped with a adaptable straight leg, these dividers accommodate either a scriber leg with a replaceable needle (No. 129) or a replaceable inking leg (No. 1380-P), offering versatility for different marking needs.

Featuring two large steel thumb knobs that are knurled for easy tightening, these dividers provide secure and stable operation during use.

Weighing just 4 oz, the Crain 380 Deluxe Dividers are lightweight yet durable, making them ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your marking and measurement accuracy with the Crain 380 Deluxe Dividers, the perfect addition to your toolkit for flooring and carpentry projects.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 2 cm