Crain 476 Carpet Tractor

$107.25 Incl GST

  • Three-Row Star Wheels: Durable steel body with three rows of 2 ½” wide star wheels.
  • Seam Pressure: Applies pressure to press carpet backing into adhesive for strong seams.
  • Yarn Mixing: Reduces seam visibility by mixing yarns near the seam.
  • Optimal Body Shape: Designed for comfortable hand pressure application.
  • Durable Finish: Finished with hammertone paint for a secure grip.
  • 36 Star Wheels: Features 36 star wheels on three 2 ½” straight axles.
  • Net Weight: Lightweight at 2 lbs for easy handling.

Carpet Tractor

Crain 476 Carpet Tractor

Introducing the Crain 476 Carpet Tractor, an essential tool for achieving seamless carpet installations with professional results.

This robust carpet tractor features three rows of 2 ½” wide star wheels mounted on a durable steel body, providing optimal pressure distribution for pressing the carpet’s backing into the adhesive.

Designed to reduce seam visibility, the three rows of star wheels effectively mix the yarns of the carpet near the seam, ensuring a seamless finish.

The wide, rounded top surface of the tool’s body offers an ergonomic grip for comfortable hand pressure application. Finished with durable hammertone paint, the body ensures a secure grip during use.

The Crain 476 Carpet Tractor comes equipped with 36 total star wheels mounted on three 2 ½” straight axles, providing efficient coverage and performance. Net weight: 2 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 19 × 5 cm