Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

$380.00 GST excl.

  • Stair-Specific Stretcher: Designed specifically for stairs.
  • Uniform Stretch: Provides a full and uniform stretch across the tread.
  • Top-Down Approach: Start at the top and work downward, stretching and tucking each stair.
  • Knee Protection: Prevents sore knees from kicking in stairs.
  • Carrying Case Included: Comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.
  • Net Weight: 14 ½ lbs.

Stair Stretcher

Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

Introducing the Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher, meticulously designed to deliver a full and uniform stretch across stair treads, ensuring impeccable carpet installation on stairs.

Designed to start from the top of the stairs and work downwards, this stretcher simplifies the stretching process, allowing for efficient stretching and tucking of the carpet below each stair. Say goodbye to sore knees resulting from manual kicking in stairs!

Each Stairway Stretcher comes complete with a convenient carrying case, providing portability and ease of storage between uses.

Upgrade your stair carpet installation process with the Crain 507 and achieve professional results with ease. Net weight: 14 ½ lbs.

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Weight 9 kg