Crain 517 5″ Aluminium Extension Tube

  • Lightweight and rustproof aluminum stretcher tubes
  • No. 517 5′ Aluminum Stretcher Tube adds up to 8 feet 8 inches of length in 4-inch increments
  • Score line on inner and outer tubes for easy alignment during length adjustment
  • Compatible with other standard-size diameter tubes
  • Closed length: 5 feet, adjustable from 5 feet to 8 feet 8 inches
  • Net weight: 6 lbs.

Crain 517 5″ Aluminum Extension Tube

Upgrade your carpet stretching capabilities with the Crain 517 5″ Aluminum Extension Tube, designed for versatility, durability, and ease of use. Crafted from lightweight and rustproof aluminum, these stretcher tubes offer exceptional performance for professional carpet installations.

The Crain 517 extends your stretcher’s reach by up to 8 feet 8 inches in 4-inch increments, providing ample length for a variety of room sizes and layouts. Featuring a score line on both the inner and outer tubes, aligning the buttons with the holes for length adjustment is quick and effortless.

Compatible with other standard size diameter tubes, the Crain 517 ensures seamless integration with your existing carpet stretching equipment. With a closed length of 5 feet and a range of useful length adjustment from 5 feet to 8 foot 8 inches, this extension tube offers versatility and adaptability for various installation scenarios.

Experience superior performance and reliability with the Crain 517 5″ Aluminum Extension Tube, the ideal solution for professional carpet installers. Net weight: 6 lbs.