Crain 557 Hardwood Pry Bar

  • Specialized bar for wedging bowed planks into position
  • Curve-shaped end with a sharp point
  • Creates wedging action to force bowed board into place
  • Sharp point penetrates wood subfloors cleanly
  • Long eleven-inch handle for good leverage
  • Net weight: 0.90 lb.

This specialized bar for wedging bowed planks into position has a curve-shaped end with a sharp point. Place the curve-shaped end against a bowed board and hammer on the opposite end. As the sharp point on the curve-shaped end is driven downwards into the subfloor, a wedging action is created that forces the bowed board into place, eliminating the joint gap. The sharp point penetrates wood subfloors cleanly. The long eleven inch handle provides good leverage when necessary. Net weight: .90 lb.