Crain 727 Delphin Knife

$36.30 Incl GST

  • Rapid opening for access to blade storage
  • Contoured for enhanced grip
  • Precision
  • blade holder holds blades tight even at extended length
  • Comes with a plastic carrier for pocket storage
  • Accepts No. 295 blades for utility or No. 996 blades for hook (blades not included)
  • Net weight: 4 oz.

Crain 727 Delphin Knife

Introducing the Crain 727 Delphin Knife, a versatile utility or hook blade designed for precision and efficiency in various cutting applications.

This knife features a hinged body that opens rapidly using a large thumbwheel located at the center of the body, allowing for quick and easy access to blade storage. The contoured design enhances grip, ensuring comfortable and secure handling during use.

Equipped with a precision blade holder, the Knife securely holds blades tight even at extended length, providing reliable performance and durability. Please note that blades are not included with this knife.

For added convenience, the knife comes with a plastic carrier that fits inside a pocket, allowing for easy transport and accessibility on the job site.

Weighing just 4 oz, the Crain 727 Delphin Knife strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and robust functionality, making it an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.