Crain 844 Pulling Claw

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      • Contoured Handle: Large and contoured handle for comfortable and sturdy grip during use.
      • Spring-Loaded Jaw: Automatically opens to facilitate easy insertion of the material.
      • Roller-Activated Upper Jaw: Clamps down firmly on the material with roller activation for efficient pulling.
      • Net Weight: Weighing 2 lbs for a lightweight and manageable tool.

Crain 844 Pulling Claw

Introducing the Crain 844 Pulling Claw, your ultimate tool for effortless removal of glued-down flooring materials.

Featuring a compound leverage jaw and a large contoured handle, this pulling claw ensures maximum pulling power with minimal effort, making it ideal for various flooring removal tasks.

The spring-loaded jaw automatically opens to easily insert an edge of the material, streamlining the removal process. Once inserted, the roller-activated upper jaw clamps down securely on the material, providing a firm grip for efficient pulling.

Designed for convenience and durability, the large contoured handle withstands heavy hand pulling, ensuring comfort and stability during extended use.

Weighing just 2 lbs, the 844 Pulling Claw strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and robust construction, offering unmatched performance and reliability.

Upgrade your flooring removal experience with the Pulling Claw and discover the ease and efficiency of professional-quality tools.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 9 cm