Crain 898 Iron Combo Case

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  • All-Steel Case: Designed for carrying carpet seaming irons.
  • Movable Platform: Adapts to hold 3″ or 6″ irons.
  • Partition and Cord Space: Includes partition for tape and space for cords.
  • Durable Design: Features a piano-style hinge and folding handle for durability.
  • Secure Closure: Equipped with a heavy-duty latch with lockable hasp.
  • Net Weight: Weighs 8 lbs for easy transport.

Carpet Seaming Irons Case

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Crain 898 Iron Combo Case

Discover the Crain 898 Iron Combo Case, meticulously crafted to provide convenient and secure transportation for your carpet seaming irons.

This all-steel case features a meticulously designed interior, including a movable platform that accommodates both 3″ and 6″ irons, ensuring versatile storage options.

Equipped with a dedicated partition for holding a roll of tape and a separate compartment to neatly store the iron’s cord and an extension cord, this case offers comprehensive organization for all your carpet seaming essentials.

The case top boasts a durable piano-style hinge, ensuring smooth opening and closing, while the plated steel folding handle provides comfortable and reliable carrying.

Enhance the longevity of your iron and keep it safe during transportation with the Crain 898 Iron Combo Case. Net weight: 8 lbs.