Crain Flooring Pull Bar

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  • Steel pull bar for heavy hammering to pull planks together
  • Boxed “knuckle-shaped” hammering head welded to the body
  • 3/16″ thick body, 3″ wide to reduce bending
  • 16 1/2″ long overall for 14 1/2″ of working room near the wall
  • Felt pads on the bottom surface to reduce scratching
  • Net weight: 3 1/4 lbs.

Crain 560 Pull Bar – Professional flooring installations

Introducing our heavy-duty steel pull bar, expertly crafted for professional flooring installations. Designed to withstand heavy hammering when necessary, this pull bar features a boxed “knuckle-shaped” hammering head welded to the body for maximum durability.

The body, measuring 3/16” thick and 3″ wide, is engineered to minimize bending down the length during use. With an overall length of 16 1/2“, the tool provides 14 1/2” of working room near the wall, ensuring efficient plank alignment.

Equipped with felt pads on its bottom surface, this pull bar reduces the risk of scratching the plank’s face, preserving the integrity of your flooring. With a net weight of 3 1/4 lbs, it offers a perfect balance of strength and maneuverability for your flooring projects.

Upgrade your toolkit with our steel pull bar and experience unmatched performance and reliability.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 cm