Husqvarna DE 120 H PACE Dust Extractor


  • High power PACE battery system
  • Safety focus
  • Easy to transport
  • Operate more sustainably with e-flow
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improved Longopac® attachment system
  • Optimised accessory range

The versatile H/HEPA class dust extractor powered by Husqvarna’s 94V PACE battery system. Designed for use with larger handheld power tools, in various surface preparation applications such as floor grinding, shot blasting and scarifying. Ideal to use when no or insufficient grid power is available. The DE 120 H PACE dust extractor excels in demanding tasks with its performance, sturdiness, and high safety standards compliance. DE 120 H PACE is compact and easy to transport, yet powerful. It features a user-friendly HMI and a e-flow function. It also features embedded connectivity allowing you to swiftly monitor location, service and filter status along with other valuable usage data.

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