• Designed for construction site
  • Full ceramic heating element
  • Temperature and airflow continuously adjustable
  • Protected electronic circuit board (encapsulated)
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact power tool

Weighing only 580 g (1.3 lbs) with an ergonomic handle, the HOT JET S enables users to work for longer periods of time without fatigue. The heat gun offers optimal services with infinitely adjustable temperature and air volume for plastic welding. Regardless of whether the heat gun is used for plastic welding, removing or drying paint, as well as bending pipes, the HOT JET S is the right tool.
Compact heat gun
The compact heat gun from Leister is extremely light at only 580 g (1.3 lbs). The ergonomic handle ensures precise and targeted work.
Attachable stand
The attachable stand ensures increased safety while the heat gun is put down during breaks. Thanks to the stand, the hot heating tube does not come into contact with the surface.
Low noise when in use
The HOT JET S heat gun is particularly quiet and therefore suitable for working indoors or in closed work environments.