Monsta Tac One Step” 4 in 1 Timber Adhesive

MONSTA TAC “ONE STEP” 4 in 1 TIMBER ADHESIVE is a ready-to-use, one-part, flexible timber flooring adhesive. Featuring the latest SiMP technology, it’s unique formulation provides essential and superior performance characteristics when used as designed for the installation of engineered, solid timber overlay and timber sheet installations. Monsta Tac “One Step” Timber Adhesive features;

  • An effective moisture barrier by exhibiting very low moisture vapour permeability
  • Incredible acoustic performance and sound insulation.
  • Superior adhesion to a range of substrates.
  • A unique balance of flexibility and cohesive strength in order to accommodate standard seasonal movement and provide a shock absorbing film for enhanced user underfoot comfort.
  • Very low certified Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions