TensorGrip Professional Long Wand

$273.90 Incl GST

  • Professional Long Wand Gun: Used for applying adhesives from self-pressurized canisters.
  • Versatile and tough, suitable for various applications and environments.
  • Connected via a spray hose for flexibility.
  • Ideal for large areas where it’s more convenient for the operator to stand or walk.
  • Particularly useful with adhesives like FS470 and FS707 Tackifier when installing carpet tiles.

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The Professional Long Wand Gun is used for applying adhesives contained in self-pressurised canisters. Attached via a spray hose, this gun is versatile and tough, and can be used in many applications and environments, particularly where large areas need to be sprayed and it is easier for the operator to stand or walk. The Wand Spray Gun is ideal for use with FS470 and FS707 Tackifier when fitting carpet tiles.