TRAXX PadPro™ A11 (#TTX-PPA11)

  • High Strength Steel: Exceptional durability and strength for long-lasting performance.
  • Drives into Hard Subfloors, including OSB: Versatile functionality, easily penetrating various hard subfloors.
  • Sharp Divergent Point: Enables staple legs to diverge into subflooring, ensuring superior attachment of the pad.
  • Galvanized: Long-lasting protection against rust, especially effective in high-moisture areas and after carpet cleaning.

TRAXX PadPro™ A11 (#TTX-PPA11)

  • Features


  • High Strength Steel

    Drives into Hard Subfloors, including OSB

  • Sharp Divergent Point

    Staple Legs Diverge into Subflooring Providing Superior Attachment of Pad

  • Galvanized

    Long-Lasting Protection Against Rust in High Moisture Areas and After Carpet Cleaning