TYPE A PVC-Cold-Welding Paste

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Werner Müller Type A Cold-Welding Liquid is specifically designed for PVC-floor coveringsPVC-wall coverings, and PVC-wallpapers. Here are some important details about this product:
  1. Application: It is suitable for PVC-floor coverings with closely-cut seams (double cut). If you’re installing new PVC-floor coverings with double-cut seams, this cold-welding liquid is ideal.
  2. Usage: Apply the liquid to achieve an optimal cross-sectional welding of the seam. The metal needle in the tube’s nozzle facilitates precise application.

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TYPE A PVC-Cold-Welding Paste

Field of application:

  • Seam sealing of PVC-floor coverings/PVC-wall coverings with closely-cut seam (new installation with double cut


  • Firmly mounted steel needle with special cap


  • very high seam tensile strength
  • durable, waterproof seam sealing
  • nearly invisible seams
  • ready for use and reusable

The steel needle penetrates deep into the seam area, opens it temporarily and the cold-welding liquid flows along the needle into the seam. Thus adjacent sheets will be temporarily dissolved and joined together strongly and permanently in the whole cross section of the seam. To protect the surface of the floor covering the seam area will be covered with a special masking tape before welding.