TYPE C PVC-Cold-Welding Paste

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Werner Muller Type C is a PVC-Cold-Welding Paste used primarily for repair work
  • Application:
    • For narrow gaps, a nozzle attachment made of aluminum is used. This attachment is placed on the cannula, and then it is guided upright through the joint.
    • For wider gaps, the PVC-Cold-Welding Paste is applied directly without any attachment.
  • Other Uses:
    • It can also reinforce loop-pile carpet seams effectively.
    • Additionally, it is suitable for repairing artificial leather materials

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TYPE C PVC-Cold-Welding Paste

Field of application:

  • Seam sealing of PVC-floor coverings/PVC-wall coverings with gaps of 0.3 to 4 mm (repair works)
  • PVC-wallpapers


  • C-nozzle (with attachment for narrow gaps)


  • can be used with or without attachment
  • narrow gaps and PVC-wallpapers – with attachment
  • wide gaps – without attachment

TYPE C is used for repair works. When doing repair works different widths of
gaps in PVC-floor coverings need to be filled. In case of narrow gaps a nozzle
attachment made of aluminium will be put on the cannula and afterwards it will
be guided upright through the joint. In case of wide gaps the PVC-Cold-Welding
Paste will be applied without attachment.