Crain 303 Loop Pile Cutter

$87.80 GST excl.

  • Protective Cutting Base: Safeguard surfaces with a specialized base for cutting over pads or carpets.
  • Adjustable Height Blade: Customize cutting precision with a height-adjustable blade carrier.
  • Dual Blade Pockets: Versatility with pockets on both sides for varied trimming options.
  • Secure Locking System: Ensure precision and safety with an easy-to-use large thumb knob for blade locking.
  • Optimal Trimming Technique: Follow simple instructions for a professional finish.

Crain 303 Loop Pile Cutter

The Crain 303 Loop Pile Cutter features a base designed for cutting over pad or other carpet, ensuring protection for the material underneath. Its adjustable blade carrier allows you to lock the bevelled guide at the optimal position for following rows accurately.

The cutter is equipped with dual blade pockets on both the left and right sides. Includes a large thumb knob for tightening and locking the blades securely in place.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 11 cm