XL Leather Head Knee Pads

  • Troxell Leather Head knee pads
  • Made from durable neoprene with extra tough leather protective covering
  • Wide flexible straps for comfort and no pinching
  • Straps fasten to the front face of the pad with hook and loop fasteners
  • Inner pad made from high-density closed cell foam
  • Net weight: 1 lb. per set
  • Made in USA

Troxell Leather Head Knee Pads

The Troxell “Leather Head” knee pads are made from durable neoprene with an extra tough leather protective covering. The wide flexible straps won’t pinch the back of the leg even when wearing shorts. The straps fasten to the front face of the pad using hook and loop fasteners. Inner pad is made from high density closed cell foam. This is Troxell product #17-209SOFTXL. Net weight: 1 lb. / set

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm